Cats Will Get Angry? And How To Soothe An Angry Cat?


Cats are amazing animals, they are independent, they have their own way of thinking, and they never like to be manipulated by others. Cats are not good at hiding their emotions, perhaps they are unwilling to hide at all because they are cats, a domineering species.


Cats will get angry?

Yes, that's right, cats will get angry. Cats are very defensive animals, so they get upset over little things. And cats also have a sense of independence, all actions are based on their hearts. When you do things the cat is afraid of or make the cat do things it doesn't want, the cat is likely to get angry. For example, when cats are suddenly startled by a certain sound, they will become unhappy. In severe cases, they may bite and catch people. So don't do things that make cats angry easily, it's still very scary for cats to be angry. 

What will make cats angry?

1. When the cat is sleeping, deliberately wake the cat

When your cat is sleeping quietly, but you suddenly scream to frighten the cat, it will jump up in fright, and get angry.

2. The cat does not want to be held, but you have to hold the cat forcibly

The dog will run up to you cheeky and beg you to hold it, but the cat will not. The cat will only run to you and act cute when it needs you. The rest of the time, cats are generally cold and they don't like being held. And once you are forcibly held, the cat will be angry.

3. You force cats to do things they don't like

For example, cats don't like to go out, but you have to take them out; cats don't like to take a bath, you have to press the cat to bathe the cat in the bathroom.

4. You hit the cat

The cat itself is unwilling to admit defeat and does not like it under control. If you insist on bullying the cat, whether the cat made a mistake, you punished the cat, or you simply wanted to hit the cat, the cat would be angry.


What are the signs of angry cats?

1. Narrow pupils and lower ears

According to a study by researchers at the University of California in the United States, cats are more likely to be aggressors when their pupils become vertical narrow slits. If it is found that the cat's head is down, the ears are pushed back, and the pupil becomes a thin gap, it means that the cat may be planning to attack.

2. Beard rising, teeth showing

When the cat is very angry, the beard will be raised, the teeth will be bared, and even a low purr will be heard. With the performance of the ears being lowered, it shows that the cat is no longer able to bear it, and the war is about to break out. At this point, you need to stop irritating the cat immediately. Run away now~

3. The body is arched and the hair stands on end

When the cat is in danger or threatened, and someone invades its own territory, the cat will arch its body, stand up with fur, and tuck its tail downward, in order to make itself look stronger than usual, so as to Warn the enemy that you are a powerful cat, and make them feel scared and back off.


4. Swing the tail vigorously to both sides

When the cat's tail is vigorously swung to the left and right, it shows that the cat is very angry. At this time, the ears are often pushed back and may attack at any time.

5. Make a "hiss" sound

Cats also make "hiss" sounds when they are angry. This anger may come from fear or other threats. "Hiss" sounds are used to intimidate enemies and express their anger. This is a cat's self-protective response. Usually, cats will make this "hissing" sound when an unwelcome unfamiliar cat or dog is in the house.

6. Sigh

In fact, not only people, but cats also sigh. This sigh is a vent. Usually, when you do something to make the cat angry, it will show a sighing behavior, and at the same time look elsewhere and will not make eye contact with you.


How to soothe an angry cat?

1. Call the cat's name softly, and let the angry cat hear the owner's voice, the cat will have a sense of security, and the mood will gradually calm down.

2. Give the cat a quiet space, or find a place to hide, such as a cardboard box, where the cat can hide.

3. Don't look at the cat, don't make eye contact with an angry cat, because that will make the cat feel that you are challenging it. You can choose to lie down or sit down to make yourself look less tall and the cat will see you as less of a threat.

4. Take out the cat's favorite food, put it in the place where the cat usually eats, then leave, and observe secretly, the cat that was still full of anger just now, I'm afraid it still can't resist the temptation of food, eat a full meal After a while, it have forgotten what happened before.

5. If the cat is only slightly unhappy (that is, it will not run away because you are approaching), you can use a toy to tease them. Although cats do not play with toys immediately, as long as they accept the toy, such as holding on to the toy, biting the toy, or staring at the toy, then their unhappy emotions will gradually calm down.

Raising a cat is a happy thing. As long as you know more about the cat's living habits, you will be able to get along very well with the cat. Of course, this may take some time and patience.

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