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The cat bag is generally only used when taking cats for a long trip, bathing, and going to the pet hospital, and may be completely ignored by people during normal times. However, the cat bag has an important role and is sometimes indispensable and needs to be carefully selected. You may have all kinds of questions when it comes to cat bags, and more if you're a new cat owner. Is it necessary to equip a cat with a cat bag? How to choose a cat bag? Our previous article "What Kind of Cat Bag Does Your Cat Like?" introduced the advantages and disadvantages of various cat bags and the purchase points in detail. This article will focus on the necessity and importance of having a cat bag. And from the perspective of cat owners, what points should be paid attention to when purchasing cat bags? I hope to help you find the answers to your questions about cat bags.

What is a cat bag? Is it necessary to have a cat bag?

The cat bag is actually just a concept, just like the cat bed, it is our name for something. It is difficult to say what is a cat bag and what is not a cat bag. The primary function of the cat bag is to take the cat out safely, and then bring the cat home safely. As long as it has such a function, it can be called a cat bag. They can be an air box, a backpack, or even a cardboard box. If your cat can stay in it safely, the entrance is fully controlled by you, and the container for the cat is easier to move, anything can become your cat bag, and you don't have to buy a product labeled "cat bag".

As for whether it is necessary to have a cat bag, we think it is needed. Of course, I know some friends will say: I always take the cat out with a leash, and I don't need a cat bag at all. I've also seen people walking around downtown in broad daylight with their cats directly in their arms. These are only things you can do if you've had a cat for a long time and you're sure about how your cat will react. But doing so is fraught with uncertainty. Because you don't have complete control over your cat, and the streets are full of uncertain factors, it's hard to guarantee that your cat won't be frightened. Once the cat is frightened and reacts violently, it is easy for the cat to break free from your restraints, and get lost, injured, or injure passers-by. These are all serious consequences.

If you are a new cat owner and want to take your cat out, be sure to use a cat bag. If you're not sure if you can fully control a panicking cat, or if your cat will be frightened, it's best to use a cat bag to take your cat out. If your cat is overweight, a cat bag can take a lot of load off you.

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Cat bag purchase points

Our previous article "What Kind of Cat Bag Does Your Cat Like?" detailed the advantages and disadvantages of various cat bags and the points that should be paid attention to when purchasing cat bags. Friends who have such questions or are interested can go to take a look at this article. In this article, we will talk about the issues to pay attention to when purchasing from the perspective of cat owners. As a cat owner, the most important thing is the convenience of use. The cat bag should be easy to move, easy to carry, easy to clean, and easy to store.

If your cat is a large breed, or if your cat is obese, pay special attention to the weight of the cat bag when choosing a cat bag. A cat with a large weight, plus the weight of the cat bag, not to mention a girl, even a boy is difficult to control. Although the air box-type cat bag is well ventilated and has a large space, it is the last choice at this time. This kind of cat bag has only one handle and is bulky, we can't even hold it in our arms well, which makes it very inconvenient to move and carry. For a girl or for owners of large or obese cats, the weight of the cat bag is the primary factor. If the cat weighs less than 10 pounds, it is fine. Once it exceeds 10 pounds, it really does not want to add any weight to it. Secondly, if the bag is too large, it is very inconvenient to carry or carry it cross-body, and even the posture is very awkward when holding it in your arms, which will make you spend more effort.

If the cat bag has been used for a long time, or the cat is stimulated in the cat bag and becomes incontinent, we need to clean it. The cat bag of waterproof material is more convenient and hassle-free to clean. An easy-cleaned cat bag can reduce the likelihood of repeat purchases of cat bags. At the same time, the detachable and foldable cat bag is more space-saving for storage, and it is easier to clean each dead corner. It's ok if you only have one cat, but if you have a lot of cats, each cat with an air box-style cat bag might fill your room. If possible, try not to choose the kind of cat bag that is entirely transparent. In this cat bag, the cat will be more stressed, which will stain the cat bag and increase the frequency of cleaning the cat bag.

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Cat bag purchase recommendation

Cat bags can generally be divided into three categories: air box type, backpack type, and trolley box type. The air box-type cat bag has great advantages in ventilation and space, but at the same time, the disadvantages are also obvious. Its weight is prohibitive for many cat owners. The biggest advantage of the backpack-type cat litter bag is that it is easy to carry and cheap, but the cat can not be too big. Trolley-style cat bags are easy to move but expensive. If you have a sufficient budget, have a car at home, and seldom carry the cat bag with your hands, you can choose a trolley-type or air-box-type cat bag. In this way, the disadvantage of the heavy weight of the cat bag can be well avoided, and the good ventilation and large space brought by them can be fully enjoyed. If you have a limited budget, the cat is relatively large and does not have a car, you can choose a backpack-style cat bag so that you can save a lot of effort when taking the cat out.

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