What Kind of Cat Bag Does Your Cat Like?


If you just want to take your cat out, it is not difficult, but how to choose a suitable cat bag for it? Cats need to use cat bags when they go out for vaccinations, see a doctor or go home for the holidays. There are various cat bags on the market, it is really not easy to choose a cat bag that can make the cat comfortable and saves you trouble. What kind of cat bags does your cat like?

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The advantages and disadvantages of various cat bags

1. Full transparent cat bag

Adv.: Good looks. Cats can see the outside world, which keeps them away from claustrophobia and reduces their anxiety.

Disad.: No concealment, timid cats will be afraid and have a stress response. With poor ventilation, cats will be stuffy inside.

2. Translucent cat bag

Adv.: Easy to carry. Have a certain cover. Good privacy.

Disad.: Poor ventilation, small space, cats will be stuffy inside.

3. Backpack cat bag

Adv.: With large space, cats can lie comfortably. With good ventilation, cats will not be stuffy inside. Good privacy, no need to worry about cat stress.

Disad.: Big weight. With insufficient support, the cat bag is easy to deforms after the cat enters.

4. One-shoulder cat bag

Adv.: Large space, the cat can lie down. With good ventilation, cats will not be stuffy inside.

Disad.: Big weight. Not suitable for big cats. Cats run away easily.

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5. Air case

Adv.: High safety factor. Large space, high comfort, and good ventilation.

Disad.: Too large. Inconvenient to carry. When not in use, it takes up space and is not easy to store.

6. Trolley cat bag

Adv.: Saves effort. The space is large and the cat can lie freely.

Disad.: The pulley makes a lot of noise on uneven ground and needs to be lifted. Inconvenient to carry and difficult to store.

What to pay attention to when choosing a cat bag

1. Breathability

The breathability of the cat bag is the first important. The breathability is not enough, especially in hot summer, the cat will feel dizzy and may even cause the cat to suffer from heat stroke or suffocation! For short-distance use, it is enough to choose a cat bag with 8 ventilation holes or a mesh cover. However, if it is required for long-distance use such as consignment, be sure to use a bag with good ventilation, such as an air case.

2. Space

The space of the cat bag is best to allow the cat to stand, turn and lie in the bag, but the box should not be so large that the cat can slide freely in it. Cats prefer to be able to lean against the sides of the bag, which will give them a sense of control over their body posture. If you raised a kitten, you must also consider that the cat will grow up in the future, so you can't buy a bag that is too small at the beginning. Buy a medium cat bag and put a small cardboard box in it, lined with newspaper or towels, until the kitten grows to the size of the medium cat bag.

3. Bearing capacity

It is necessary to consider whether the cat bag can bear the weight of the cat.  The cat goes into the cat bag, and the cat bag has no obvious deformation, which means that the bearing capacity of the cat bag is acceptable.

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4. Detachable

The cat bag should be cleaned and disinfected frequently, and it is not recommended for multiple cats to share it, so it is best to choose a detachable cat bag that is easy to clean. If the cat bag is not detachable, it will take up a lot of space at home. Choose a detachable cat bag, fold it up when not in use, and open it when you use it, which is convenient and does not waste space.

5. Entrance

Cats prefer the cat bag with the large upper entrance. Cats are very resistant to cat bags with only a small side entrance. If you push the cat hard into the cat bag every time, it will aggravate the cat's psychological pressure and resist entering the cat bag more, thus forming a vicious circle.

Common problems when choosing a cat bag?

How to choose between a backpack or a handbag

It is best to choose the backpack, you should never overestimate your arm strength. Even if the cat weighs only 10 pounds, but you carry it for 5 minutes, you will experience what is pain. What's more, if the cat grows to 20 pounds, not to mention whether the cat bag can bear it, can you bear it? Ranked according to the degree of labor-saving: Backpack>Shoulder Bag>Handbag

Is one cat bag enough?

The number of cat bags is first determined by the number of cats. We do not recommend sharing one cat bag for multiple cats. It is best for each cat to have its own cat bag. Secondly, the number of cat bags is determined by whether you have multiple uses, and different uses usually require different cat bags.

If you are traveling with a cat, you must use an air case, because only air cases are allowed for checking in. First, the air case is sturdy, which can prevent the cat from being frightened and escape. Second, the structure of the air case is firm, and it is not afraid of being squeezed, giving the cat a stable space. In addition, in the air case can put food, water, and even cat litter.

If you are taking the cat to the hospital for surgery, you must consider the stability and space of the cat bag. It is best not to use the backpack. Find a cat bag that is suitable for the cat to lie in and provide a resting space for the cat.

If you just take cat shopping, it is more casual. The time is short and the mood is relaxed, so you can carry it on your back, carry it, or drag it.

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Can I choose a full transparent cat bag?

Whether you can choose a full transparent cat bag depends on your cat's personality. If it is relatively timid, it is best not to use the full transparent cat bag. If it has a bold personality and is curious about the outside world, the fully transparent cat bag is a good choice. The large size viewing window allows cats to enjoy the view and also allows everyone to enjoy your cat.

Tips for using cat bags

1. Make sure that there are no sharp edges in the cat bag, and that the material is not too rough, otherwise, the cat may be scratched inside.

2. If the cat doesn't like to stay in the cat bag, you can often drive the cat to do things it likes, and don't always go to the hospital.

3. Don't pull your cat out of the cat bag by force, you should wait for the cat to come out by itself.

4. When waiting in the hospital, you can cover the towel on the cat bag to provide a sense of security for your cat.

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