How to Choose A Suitable Cat Litter Box and Correctly Use It?


Cute cats have captured the hearts of many people. For many cat owners, in addition to cat litter, the choice of the cat litter box is also a topic that everyone cannot avoid. A wide variety of types and functions have made many people dazzled. What kind of cat litter box to choose and how to use the cat litter box, do you know?

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1. How old can a cat use the litter box?

At about 4 weeks, most kittens will follow the mother cat gradually into various adventures, such as imitating the mother cat on how to use the litter box. Therefore, cats at about 4 weeks can use cat litter and cat litter boxes. When choosing cat litter, try to choose cat litter with little dust and agglomeration. Try to choose cat litter that is quite different from cat food, so as to prevent kittens from mistakenly eating it as cat food. The cat litter box also needs to choose a small one, and the side of the cat litter box should be low enough to ensure that the cat can jump in and out by itself.

2. How to choose the type of cat litter box?

A variety of cat litter boxes fill the shelves of pet supplies, but essentially, there are two types of litter boxes: enclosed and open. The two types of cat litter boxes have their own advantages:

The open cat litter box is more in line with the nature of cats living in the wild. The smell is easier to disperse and easier to clean. And the open cat litter box has more space. 

The enclosed cat litter box can give the cat a safe space so that the cat is more at ease when going to the toilet. And the cat litter is not easy to be taken out, which is more convenient to keep clean.

But how should we choose between them? The trick to judging whether the cat likes the litter box is to see it whether is to bury feces. If it jumps out directly and does not bury the feces after it is finished, it means that it may not like this type of cat litter box, and it is recommended to change it.

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3. How to decide the number of cat litter boxes?

If there is only one litter box in a multi-cat household, the environment where cats go to the toilet will easily become dirty. When the litter box gets dirty, some cats won't go to the toilet in a dirty environment! They will pull the cat poop out, and the litter box will become a decoration. So, can different cats share the same litter box? I don't think so. 

The "N+1" principle seems to be the consensus of everyone at present, that is, the number of litter boxes provided is preferably one more than the number of cats in the house. This gives the cat more options. Of course, we can't deny that some multi-cat households are doing just fine when they have an equal number of litter boxes for their cats. Therefore, our recommendation for the number of litter boxes for multi-cat households is to have at least one per cat.

4. How to choose the size of the cat litter box

a. Length: The cat litter box should be the same length as your cat, or slightly longer. The "cat length" referred to here refers to the distance "from the nose to the tip of the tail". Only with this length can cats walk comfortably in the litter box and choose their preferred pose.

b. Width: The width of the cat litter box should preferably reach the distance from the tip of the nose to the butt.

c. Height: The cat litter box with a height of 12~18 cm is more suitable for cats who do not dig cat litter when using cat litter. The cat litter box with a height of 20~30 cm is more suitable for cats who like to dig the cat litter when using cat litter. But on the other hand, when choosing a taller cat litter box, you also need to consider the ease of access for cats. If the cat is not easy to enter, you should choose a litter box with the right height and a "small door" installed on the side of the litter box. For kittens under 4 months of age, 5cm may be the limit.

d. Shape: We see that most cat litter boxes on the market are rectangular, and of course, there are round and oval designs. In fact, the shape is not very important to the cat, more important is to consider whether the size is appropriate. However, the four corners of the cat litter box should be "rounded corners", while the "sharp corners" are not suitable, mainly for the safety of cats.

5. How much cat litter should add to the cat litter box?

Ordinary cat litter boxes generally put cat litter 4-5cm, if the cat likes to dig cat litter, it needs to put about 10cm. Don't add too much at one time just to be lazy, it is easy to be wasted by the cat.

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6. How to clean the cat litter box?

This is the most basic and has the greatest impact on cats. The cat litter box should be cleaned at least once a day. Some cats will choose to defecate outside the cat litter box when they see that in the cat litter box have poop. Replace the entire cat litter once a week, and clean the cat litter box thoroughly. 

Steps for cleaning the cat litter box: 

a. Pour out the cat litter and shovel off the cat litter stuck on the cat litter box. 

b. Rinse the cat litter box with running water. During the rinsing process, you need to brush the parts that have left marks due to the adhesion of the cat litter. 

c. Soak the cat litter box with disinfectant for about ten minutes to sterilize and disinfect. 

d. Rinse the soaked cat litter box with clean water and let it dry.

Has the confusion in your head been resolved? Have questions been answered? Have a try and give the best to your cat.

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