Are Cats Smart Animals?


Nowadays, more and more people keep cats, and many people think that cats are very intelligent and spiritual animals. But many times, when we train cats, they behave very disobediently. Did we being deceived by the appearance of cats? Cats make us feel like very contradictory animals, sometimes very smart and sometimes very stupid. Are cats smart animals? What actions can distinguish a cat from being smart?

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Are cats smart animals?

The cat is a very intelligent animal, one of the animals with a relatively high IQ in the animal kingdom, and its big and small brains are very developed. If you want to measure its IQ with a specific standard, you might as well fix the length of the spinal cord as "1". The higher the ratio of brain weight to it, the higher the IQ. Humans are about 49:1, cats are about 4:1, and monkeys are about 17:1. Although the value does not seem to be very high, it is already at a very high level in animals.

Generally speaking, the IQ of cats is equivalent to the developmental level of humans at 2-3 years old. Since the cat was born, the smart cat mother began to educate her children, about what to eat, how to do, and how to learn basic life skills. Kittens also learn what is safe, what is dangerous, and how to judge friends and foes. From the day a cat is born, its cognitive ability will continue to develop, until about half a year later, when they reach the intelligence level of a human being 2 and a half years old, it is cognitive ability will no longer develop.

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Why do cats seem so stupid when training them?

Cats are very intelligent animals, and they are trained to understand the commands of their owners. The cat's disobedience during the training process is mainly because the cat's obedience is very low. Because cats are stubborn, and independent and their self-esteem is strong, they are not very willing to accept the command and manipulation of people. Cats have the ability to think independently, rather than surrender to their owners like dogs. But if the owner treats the cat well, the cat will also be very dependent on the owner, and the cat will have a special affection for its own owner. So the cat did not act according to your instructions during the training process, it is not that it does not understand your instructions, but that it is not willing to accept your instructions.

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Which actions show that your cat is smart?

Strong ability to imitate: A cat with a high IQ has a strong ability to imitate and learn. For example, they will learn to open doors like humans, and may also imitate human sleeping postures, eating movements, and so on.

Different people have a different attitudes: Smart cats have different attitudes toward their family members. Whoever treats the cat well, will be more reckless in front of that person. If the cat is in front of people who are not good with it, it may be more disciplined.

When there is danger, the owner will be notified: Smart and spiritual cats will be particularly alert and will try their best to notify the owner when they encounter danger. For example, if there is a gas leak, earthquake, etc., it may pull the owner to check and escape.

Understands what you say: sometimes you call it and it will look back at you. Or you ask it to come over and it will come over too. Sometimes it can even command it to do small things for you.

Initiative to find food: A smart cat will never sit still when it is hungry, it will take the initiative to ask its owner for food. If the owner is not at home, it will also rummage through boxes to find food, and it can find the food accurately every time.

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