Vacuum-packing Tofu Cat Litter Is Better?


Since the advent of tofu cat litter, a variety of related products have been derived, and now there are various particle sizes of tofu cat litter on the market. There are multiple flavors of tofu cat litter, and various new flavors are emerging one after another. There is also tofu cat litter mixed with bentonite cat litter, with probiotics, and with deodorant factors. In addition to tofu cat litter itself, the packaging of tofu cat litter has also undergone many evolutions, and now the most popular and best-selling is vacuum packaging. Will vacuum-packing tofu cat litter be of better quality? What are the advantages of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter? Will the air leakage of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter affect its use? Let's find out together.

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Production of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter

Vacuum-packing tofu cat litter is no different from ordinary-packing tofu cat litter in other production processes but is different in the final packaging process. Initially, vacuum-packing tofu cat litter was produced using a small vacuum-packing machine, which was mainly operated manually. The production of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter in this period was small in output, time-consuming, and labor-intensive, and the finished product was also very not beautiful. The vacuum-packing tofu cat litter in this period only has basic functions, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in aesthetics. At the same time, the production process is more complicated than ordinary-packing cat litter, and there is no obvious competitive advantage compared with ordinary-packing cat litter.

Later, in order to make the vacuum-packing cat litter more beautiful, manufacturers began to use molds. Put the bag filled with tofu cat litter into a special mold, and then use a vacuum packaging machine for sealing. With the constraints of the mold, the produced tofu cat litter is square and the appearance is greatly improved. The introduction of automatic vacuum packaging machines made the production of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter more convenient and faster. The finished product from the production line is a square vacuum-packing cat litter, which does not require manual sealing, it greatly improves production efficiency.

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Advantages of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter

The advantages of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter are mainly reflected in the aesthetics and practicality of vacuum packaging. The appearance of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter is very different from ordinary-packing cat litter. The square shape gives vacuum-packing tofu cat litter the characteristics of beauty, simplicity, and generosity. In addition to being beautiful, vacuum-packing tofu cat litter is more convenient to store. Each bag of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter has the same size, just like the bricks used for building a house, we can quickly put them in the corner of the room. In this way, a lot of storage space can be saved, and at the same time, the stacking will be stronger than ordinary-packing cat litter.

In addition, the biggest advantage of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter compared to ordinary-packing cat litter is the good protection of tofu cat litter. 

First, after vacuuming, the tofu cat litter particles will be closely arranged together. In this way, in the transportation and movement, the tofu cat litter particles will remain relatively static, and there will be no collision and friction between particles. This avoids the generation of dust in tofu cat litter to a great extent, because cat litter goes through more than one dust removal process before packaging, and friction and collision during transportation are important reasons for dust generation. 

Second, when the air in the packaging bag is evacuated, the water vapor, microorganisms, etc. contained in the air will also be evacuated. After the packaging, if the packaging is well preserved, the moisture from the outside will not enter the tofu cat litter. This makes vacuum-packing tofu cat litter tend to store longer than ordinary-packing tofu cat litter. 

Third, vacuum packaging is also an early warning for the timely use of tofu cat litter. If we hoard a lot of cat litter at one time, we may encounter the situation that the last few bags of tofu cat litter will deteriorate after opening. This is due to the damaged packaging, and the moisture in the environment entering the tofu cat litter, and sometimes the damage is so small that it is ignored by us. Vacuum-packing tofu cat litter solves this problem very well. Once the package is damaged, even if it is very small, the package cannot maintain a vacuum state, so we can find it in time. We only need to use this tofu cat litter in time, which can avoid waste very well.

Air leakage of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter

Regarding the air leakage of vacuum-packing tofu cat litter, first of all, we have to make it clear that the air leakage has no effect on the tofu cat litter itself. There is no necessary causal relationship between air leakage and the quality of cat litter. Air leakage will only make the protection of vacuum packaging to tofu cat litter lose, which is equivalent to buying ordinary-packing tofu cat litter. Of course, this tofu cat litter is not suitable for long-term storage and should be used in time. If you really need to store it, you should pay more attention to the storage environment to avoid moisture entering the tofu cat litter. When you meet the merchants take these tofu cat litter for promotion, if the production time is not long and the shelf life is still relatively long, we think it can be purchased.

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