Common mistakes in the use of cat litter boxes, are you still doing this?


I bought the latest style cat litter box, why won't my cat use it? Is there something wrong with my cat? In fact, the problem may be you. Do you just buy a box that can hold cat litter? Do you just leave the cat litter box in a random place and leave it alone? Do you just shovel and add cat litter every day but never clean the litter box? Well, your problem is huge. There are many common mistakes in the use of cat litter boxes. If you are still doing this, please correct them.

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1. The cat litter box is not cleaned up

Cats prefer to be clean, and this also causes cats to usually not use unclean litter boxes. For convenience, many shovelers like to add a lot of cat litter at one time, use it for a long time, and then replace the cat litter. This method is actually not good. Not to mention whether the cat will use it or not, just talking about such a replacement method will also accelerate the smell of cat litter and promote the growth of bacteria.
Timely cleaning of the cat litter box, timely replacement of cat litter, and an appropriate amount of cat litter can reduce the growth of bacteria and help the cat's health. In addition, it is best to clean the cat litter box at least twice a day and thoroughly once a week.

2. Improper placement of the cat litter box

The location of the cat litter box is also particular, and it should generally be placed in a quiet place away from where the cat eats and rests. If you put the litter box in a noisy place or where the cat eats and rests, the cat will go elsewhere to poop, because the cat also wants privacy. Therefore, the location of the cat litter box is best to choose quiet, far away from the food bowl, and a convenient place.

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3. Too few litter boxes

Generally, the number of cat litter boxes is the number of cats + 1, that is, if you have a cat in your house, it is best to prepare 2 cat litter boxes; and if there are multiple cats, prepare multiple cat litter boxes, one for each cat. One cat, one box, and one spare. If your home is huge and there are many floors, prepare more cat litter boxes. Because the space is too large, using only one cat litter box may be inconvenient.

4. The volume of the cat litter box is not large enough

Cats generally like to use a larger litter box, and the litter box is preferably more than 1.5 times the size of the cat's body, which is convenient for cats to use. In addition, it is best not to have a lid on the cat litter box, it will be more troublesome if there is a lid.

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5. The cat has a stress response

If the cat does not use the litter box, it may also be that the cat has a stress response and is in a state of anxiety. If the cat has just arrived home, there will be a stress response; if you have had a cat for a long time, you can see if there has been a recent move, a new baby or other pets have come to the house, which will cause the cat to have a stress response. At this time, the shit shovel officer should give the cat an adaptation period, and the shit shovel officer should not ignore the cat and should give the cat more care than usual.

Many people think of cats as their children. In fact, caring for a cat is sometimes more difficult than caring for a child. After all, cats can't talk. Many times we can make our cats live better and healthier lives with just a few changes.

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