The Inappropriate Location of The Cat Litter Box Makes Your House Smell Bad


Cats rarely cause a smelly home, because cats love cleanliness and have no body odor. The most common cause of odors in the home is the cat litter box. Cats usually go to the toilet in the cat litter box, and they will not urinate everywhere. However, it is easy to produce odors if the cat litter box is not cleaned in time or not placed in the correct position. How to clean the cat litter box has been introduced in detail in the previous article "How to Remove The Odor from The Cat Litter Box?". This article mainly talks about the placement of the cat litter box. The placement of the cat litter box can have a significant impact on the odor in the room. Inappropriate placement will cause odors to accumulate in the room, which is not easy to dissipate, making the odor appear more intense. And the appropriate placement can make the odor dissipate well, even if the cat litter box has some odor, people may not have a noticeable feeling.

Inappropriate locations

After buying a suitable cat litter box, we may just randomly find a place to place it and have not thought deeply about whether this position is suitable for placing the cat litter box. Or we only considered whether it is aesthetically pleasing when placing it, without considering whether it is a place that cats like. In fact, cats have the most say in the placement of the cat litter box. The following lists a few places that are not suitable for placing the cat litter box. If your cat litter box is placed in these places, it is recommended that you change the position in time.

tofu cat litter

Too secret place

For the beauty and tidiness of the house, many cat owners will place the cat litter box in a very secret place, such as the dead corner of the room, behind the sofa, and inside the cabinet. But we need to know that cats are natural predators and have the instinct to avoid predators. Whether it's eating, playing, resting, or going to the toilet, they are always aware of their surroundings in case they are attacked. And these secret places make it impossible for the cat to observe the outside situation when going to the toilet, which can cause the cat to become very nervous. And every time cats go to the toilet in a particularly nervous mood, your cat will have all kinds of problems.

Too far or too close

The location of the cat litter box should not be too far or too close to the cat's daily activity area. If the distance is too far, the cat will have to walk a particularly long distance every time it goes to the toilet. Over time, the cat may choose other places as their toilet. Especially for old cats and kittens, the location of the litter box should be more convenient for the cat to go to the toilet. If the distance is too close, such as next to the cat bed, or cat food, the cat maybe will refuse to eat or refuse to go to the toilet. Because cats have a very sensitive sense of smell, if you put the cat food bowl and water bowl together with the cat litter box, they will smell the cat litter box when they eat or drink.

Next to electrical appliances

If your cat's litter box is placed next to an appliance, you might need to change the location. Many cat owners think that the laundry room is a good place to put a cat litter box, but the sound of the washing machine when it is working is likely to scare the cat away, or the cat is afraid to go to the toilet when the washing machine is working. The same is true for other electrical appliances that make sounds. The sudden sound is very likely to startle the cat. In addition to the sound of the appliance, the heat emitted by the appliance can make the cat litter box smell more intense, which is intolerable for cats and cat owners alike. In addition, it is not surprising that any unpredictable things can happen when a very curious cat and a dangerous electrical appliance are together.


I don't know whether any cat owners will choose to put the cat litter box in the bedroom, which is a very unsuitable place for the cat litter box. First of all, people spend most of the day in the bedroom, and the bedroom is relatively small and closed, so a little odor in the cat litter box will be found. And long-term exposure to this odor is unbearable, and it will also affect our rest. Besides, some cat litter will produce dust, especially bentonite cat litter. The main component of bentonite cat litter is silica. After the cat's digging, the dust will be scattered in the air. Long-term absorption of this dust can cause a serious burden on our lungs and respiratory system.

Appropriate locations

The cat litter box should be placed in a ventilated and quiet place with a good view. Cats like such a place, and the cat can observe the surrounding environment when going to the toilet. If you're really not sure where your cat likes the cat litter box to be placed, you might place multiple cat litter boxes in different locations in your home. Then take a look at which cat litter box is used the most to find your cat's favorite placement. Below are a few appropriate locations to place the cat litter box, hoping to solve your confusion.

bentonite cat litter


The toilet is where we go to the toilet, and the cat litter box is where the cat goes to the toilet. It can be said that the toilet is the most suitable place for the cat litter box. If the toilet space at home is relatively large, it is best to place the cat litter box in the toilet. Because the toilets are relatively independent small areas, even if there is some smell, it will not affect the overall air quality of the house. And toilets are generally equipped with ventilation equipment, which can effectively eliminate odors. Many people's toilets have an unpleasant smell. In fact, the smell is stronger than that of the cat litter box. But basically, it does not affect the overall air quality of the house. As long as the cat litter box is cleaned in time every day, there is basically no smell. If you use cat litter that can be flushed into the toilet, such as tofu cat litter, it will be more convenient to clean the cat litter box in the toilet. You just need to shovel the used cat litter out and throw it into the toilet.

North Balcony

The balcony is also a very suitable place to place the cat litter box, but it must be the north balcony, not the south balcony with direct sunlight. The balcony is sunny and well ventilated, making it a favorite environment for cats. And place the cat litter box in the corner of the north balcony where the sun is not direct, it will not affect the appearance, and it is not easy to smell. However, if the cat litter box is placed on a sunny south balcony, the dirty things in the cat litter box have no smell, but after being exposed to the sun, it is very easy to make the house full of odors.

Toilets and north balconies are the most suitable locations for cat litter boxes. If there is not such a large space, the cat litter box can be placed in a well-ventilated corner. If the cat litter box can only be placed in a conspicuous place, you can consider using a closed cat litter box, which can block the odor to the greatest extent. And it is best to choose cat litter that has a better deodorant effect.

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