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I prepared a cat litter tray for my cat, but she still bypasses her litter tray and urinates everywhere else in my home. Why? This problem bothers many cat owners. There are a variety of reasons: she is sick, is adjusting to the new cat sand or litter tray, or is protesting a dirty litter tray.

It's important to consult with your veterinarian to find out why your cat isn't using her box. But in the meantime, if you do find urine on the new chaise lounge, don't fret. We're sharing 10 tips for cleaning cat's urine:

1. Try to blot up as much of the urine as possible with paper towels. If it's a large spot and you don't want to waste paper towels, use a cloth towel or old clothes that can be thrown away. If the spot is on the carpet, press the paper towels harder, or you direct stand on them(remember to wear shoes)to blot more urine. If the spot is dry, pour cold water on it and blot.

2. Avoid using detergents with ammonia in them. The "urine smell" in them might encourage your cat to mark the spot again. Use cleaners that contain enzymes because they work to break down the urine and neutralize the odor. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully on these products.

3. You can also make "cleaners" by yourself, here's a good homemade solution: mix 1/2 cups of warm water and 1/2 cups of vinegar. Vinegar is great for killing bacteria. This mixture is perfect for both old and new stains. Pour it over the stain and soak for about 3 to 5 minutes. Note: vinegar is not good for marble or stone. Make sure to test it on a small area first.

4. You can't see the stain, it doesn't mean you can't smell the stain. Deodorizing is necessary. Spread some baking soda on the carpet to remove the smell of urine. If it is a cement floor, you can add a little vinegar to the baking soda, then brush the floor and rinse with water.

5. For areas that are inconvenient to clean, mix the Welsh clothing disinfectant with water and spray it with a sprayer. The smell of cat urine will be wiped out. It is definitely better than air cleaner. In addition, should pay attention to prevent poisoning.

6. Everyone has a toilet cleaner at home. Just pour some toilet cleaner when mopping the floor. The smell of toilet cleaner is very strong and unpleasant. It's best to do it when you are alone at home, and then open all the windows to ventilate it. You can also go out and stroll around, when you come back, the smell will be gone away.

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