Why Replace Cat Litter Frequently?


Cats have become hot pets, and people are scrambling to bring cats home. We know that we need to choose high-quality cat litter for cats, and we also know that we need to clean up the used cat litter in time, but many people don't know that we should replace the cat litter frequently. It is not enough to just add new cat litter after cleaning the used cat litter every time, it can not fully achieve the purpose of cleaning. It is recommended to throw away the cat litter in the cat litter box every time the cat litter box is cleaned, and then completely replace the new cat litter. Replacing cat litter is also very particular. In addition to following certain methods, it is important to grasp the replacement frequency. For how to replace cat litter and the frequency of replacing cat litter, you can check our previous article "How Often to Change Cat Litter?" Today in this article we will mainly talk about why it is necessary to replace cat litter frequently and what are the dangers of not changing cat litter for a long time.

Prevent cats from getting skin diseases

We all know that cat litter is an essential thing in the cat's life. Most cats won't change once they learn to use the cat litter. For cat litter, we must replace it frequently. The cat's excrement contains bacteria, if we don't clean it in time, the cat litter box will be like a breeding ground for bacteria. Even if we clean the cat litter box every day, some excrement will be left. Especially if we go out early and come back late every day, it will cause the cat's excrement to be left in the cat litter box for a long time. This creates opportunities for bacteria to multiply and infect, if we don't replace the cat litter frequently, a lot of bacteria in the cat litter box will be brought to the cat. After all, the cats are in contact with cat litter for a long time every day. Over time, it will cause cats to suffer from some skin diseases, especially in multi-cat households. In addition, through the contact between the cat and the cat owner, the bacteria will also be transmitted to the cat owner, which is also harmful to our health. Therefore, we replace the cat litter frequently, which is not only good for cats but also reduces our burden.

Prevent cats from getting urinary system disease

When cats use cat litter, the cat litter will come into direct contact with the cat's urinary system. If there are a lot of bacteria in the cat litter, it is very easy to infect cats and make the cat suffer from urinary system diseases. Especially male cats that are in heat are more susceptible to infection because they use the cat litter box more frequently, which can lead to urinary system disease. At the same time, this is a very difficult disease to treat, so for your cat, be a cat owner who replaces cat litter frequently!

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Prevent cats from excreting everywhere

Cats love clean very much, so they have very high requirements for their living environment. Especially for eating places and toilets, cats are prone to loss of appetite and excreting everywhere if these places are not clean. If the cat litter has not been replaced for a long time, more and more old cat litter and excrement will be left after shoveling each time. When cats go to the cat litter box, they will keep digging cat litter until they find a clean place to excrete. Or the cat can always smell the odor when burying excrement and will keep digging the cat litter, trying to bury it more tightly. This will cause cat litter to be scattered all over the place, making it very difficult to clean. If the cat litter box is too dirty, the cat will refuse to use the cat litter box and will instead look for other spots in the room. What's more serious is that if the cat excretes in the room for a long time, it will develop a bad habit. Even if you replace the new cat litter, the cat may still insist on excreting in every corner of the room. If you don't want to clean behind the cat every day, and don't want to experience such a scene, then pay attention to the cleaning of cat supplies, especially cat litter, which must be replaced frequently.

Prevent odor

If you just add a new cat litter every time instead of completely replacing the cat litter, the new cat litter added will always sit on top of the old cat litter. The old cat litter below is difficult to be thoroughly cleaned, the old cat litter will only more and more, older and older. The old cat litter absorbs the cat's excrement, and when it is covered with a lot of cat litter, it will produce a strong odor. Old cat litter stained with cat urine that looks like it can be used, but actually stinks to the death. If it is not handled properly, it will make the whole house smell like this, which is very unpleasant. If someone comes to your house as a guest and smells this odor as soon as you open the door, the visitor's face may be calm, but your heart will still be somewhat embarrassed.

Replacing cat litter frequently will definitely speed up the use of cat litter, and some cat owners will consider it a waste. If the cat litter is not replaced frequently, if it is only odorous and difficult to clean, we may be able to tolerate it. But if it damages the cat's health and even our own health, it's not worth the harm.

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