How to Remove The Odor from The Cat Litter Box?


Sometimes when we go to a family with cats will smell something bad. Some people even dislike keeping cats at home because of this odor. Cats very much love clean, and cats generally do not emit odors. This odor is mainly emitted by cat litter with cat feces in the cat litter box. The cat's poop odors are very strong, and if it is not handled properly, it will make the whole house smell like this, which is very unpleasant. Furthermore, if someone comes to your house as a guest and smells this odor as soon as you open the door, the visitor's face may be calm, but your heart will still be somewhat embarrassed. Families with cats just only put up with the odor? Is there any way to get rid of this odor?

Reduce the generation of odor

To remove this odor, reducing the generation of odor is fundamental. This can fundamentally reduce the odor, or even eliminate it completely.

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Clean up cat litter in time

The litter box is the cat's toilet. Although cat litter can wrap the cat's feces well, prevent the odor from escaping. But over time, it will inevitably develop an odor. Even cat litter blocks will ferment and mold over time, which will give off an unpleasant odor. Therefore, we need to clean up the cat litter in time. As long as the cat litter box is cleaned in time, the odor can be well controlled. If you are an office worker, there is no one else at home to help you take care of the cat, and you do not have so much time to clean up cat litter every day, you can try an automatic cat litter box. Otherwise, just once in the morning and evening, let the poo and urine in the cat litter box ferment for more than ten hours in the middle, especially in the summer when the temperature is high, it is conceivable how much the odor will be.

Clean the cat litter box regularly

Many times we just clean the cat litter frequently but ignore the cat litter box cleaning. The cat litter box is a particularly easy place to hide dirt, and it is best to clean and disinfect the cat litter box regularly. The frequency of cleaning the cat litter box is generally recommended to be cleaned once a week, and it can also be determined according to the number of cats in your house. If you have a lot of cats, you need to be more diligent in cleaning. If you only have one cat at home, you can clean it once every two weeks. After thoroughly cleaning the cat litter box with clean water, pour pet disinfectant into it, and then put the cat litter box in the sun to dry. After such cleaning, the hidden bacteria in the cat litter box can be removed. At this time, replacing the cat litter with clean cat litter can ensure that the cat litter box is clean and odorless.

Replace cat litter frequently

Shoveling out the used cat litter and adding new litter every time is not effective in eliminating odors. Because every time the used cat litter is shoveled out, a small amount of used cat litter will inevitably be missed in the cat litter box, and it will accumulate in the cat litter box for a long time. And when new cat litter is added, the new cat litter is always on top of the old cat litter, and the old cat litter below will produce an odor over time. Old cat litter stained with cat urine that looks like it can be used, but actually stinks to the death. Therefore, it is recommended that cat owners replace the cat litter frequently. It is recommended to throw away the cat litter in the cat litter box when we every time clean the cat litter box, and then completely replace it with the new cat litter. In addition, the regular replacement of cat litter can also reduce the breeding of many bacteria and viruses, which is not only responsible for the cat, but also for yourself.

Remove odors

In most cases, by frequently cleaning, replacing the cat litter, and cleaning the litter box, there will be no odor. If the odor is still noticeable, you can try the following methods to remove it.

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Put the cat litter box in a ventilated place

Many cat owners will put the cat litter box in a relatively small, hidden, and dark place, which will only make the odor emits more concentrated. It is recommended to place the cat litter box in a ventilated place so that the odor is easier to disperse and the surrounding air can be easily replaced. Of course, the cat can also get plenty of sunlight and space, so the cat will like it very much and will feel comfortable staying. In addition to the placement of the cat litter box, you can pour more cat litter into the cat litter box each time. Let the cat can cover its own poop with enough cat litter. After the cat poop is buried, the odor will be reduced a lot.

Use deodorant

You can use deodorant together with cat litter, or cat litter deodorant spray. Cat litter deodorant has actually become the choice of more and more cat owners. Deodorants can quickly deodorize by adsorbing and decomposing odors so that the cat litter box no longer emits an odor. It is recommended to choose a deodorant with no fragrance, as many cats may not like the fragrance of deodorant. Or your cat may be attracted by the fragrance of deodorant, smell cat litter, or even lick cat litter. It is very important to choose a safe and non-toxic deodorant. The cat litter mixed with deodorant will directly contact with the cat's body, and safety must be considered.

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