What to Do with Used Cat Litter and Excess Cat Litter


Since the invention of cat litter by the father of cat litter Edward Lowe in 1947, cat litter has gradually become a necessity and fast-moving consumer good for cats. Cat owners usually keep a few packs of cat litter in stock for a rainy day. Finding safe and easy-to-use cat litter for cats has become a compulsory course for every cat owner. Cleaning up the used cat litter has become a daily task for cat owners. What to do with used cat litter? Sometimes there is too much cat litter hoarding, or we want to change to another cat litter, so it is inevitable that there will be a lot of excess cat litter. Are these cat litter only can be thrown away? Is there any good way to deal with it?

What to do with used cat litter?

Now that you decide to raise a cat, you must be conscious of cleaning the used cat litter every day. Cleaning cat litter isn't as simple as scooping out used cat litter blocks from the litter box. What do we do with these cat litter blocks? If thrown away, what kind of garbage are they? Are there other more environmentally friendly disposal methods?

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Garbage classification of used cat litter

Garbage classification is helpful for environmental protection, but for many cat owners, what kind of garbage is cat litter is a very troubling question. In fact, there are many types of cat litter, and what kind of garbage classification depends on the material of the cat litter:

1. Bentonite cat litter: This type of cat litter is a kind of non-degradable sand, which belongs to dry garbage, even if it is mixed with cat feces and cat urine, it is also dry garbage.

2. Crystal cat litter: This kind of cat litter is composed of silicon dioxide, which does not pollute the environment, but it cannot degrade by itself, so it also belongs to the category of dry garbage.

3. Pine wood cat litter: The main components of it are wood powder and some binders. When it encounters water, it will immediately turn into a powder state, so after use, it can be directly flushed into the toilet without throwing it in the trash can.

4. Tofu cat litter: The main ingredient of it is the soybean or pea fiber, which can be dissolved in water, and can be flushed into the toilet without throwing it in the trash can.

How to deal with used cat litter

Used cat litter is usually contaminated with cat excrement. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will not only be unsanitary but also have a strong smell. The more common treatment method is to directly throw it into the corresponding trash can or flush it into the toilet. In addition, it can also be used as flower fertilizer. This method is not only environmentally friendly but also can realize the secondary utilization of cat litter.

Throw away

Before discarding cat litter, we must first distinguish the types of cat litter, which can be roughly divided into two categories: bentonite cat litter, crystal cat litter, etc. are insoluble in water; tofu cat litter, corn cat litter, pine cat litter, etc. are soluble in water. The treatment methods of these two cat litter are also different:

1. Water-insoluble cat litter: Water-insoluble cat litter will not soluble when it encounters water, so it cannot be flushed directly into the toilet. When disposing of it, scoop up the used cat litter, pack it in a small bag, and throw it into the corresponding trash can. Usually throw it once a day, don't keep it for many days, and throw it together because the smell will be heavier.

2. Water-soluble cat litter: Water-soluble cat litter is more convenient to deal with. It can be directly flushed into the toilet. After scooping up used cat litter, it can be thrown into the toilet bit by bit and flushed away. It should be noted that do not pour it all at once. Because some cat litter does not dissolve so fast, pouring too much at one time will block the toilet or sewer.

Used as flower fertilizer

If cat owners grow flowers at home, they can also try using used cat litter as flower fertilizer. Used cat litter is well sterilized and fermented for use as fertilizer for flower beds. Cat owners can try it if they can operate it. However, it should be noted that if you can't ferment it, it is better to throw it away directly. Never throw the untreated cat litter blocks directly into the flowerbed. Because if it is not fermented well, used cat litter will "burn out" the plants, which is not good.

What to do with excess cat litter?

Over time, cat litter will inevitably have excess. It would be a pity to throw away the excess cat litter. Is there a better way to deal with it? High-quality cat litter has excellent water absorption and deodorization. If cat owners are interested, you may take advantage of these advantages of cat litter to develop new uses for cat litter. If you don't have a clue, you may wish to refer to the following usages:

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Deodorize the tent

Travelers who often use tents must be familiar with the smell of tents. The tent after use, for various reasons, sometimes cannot be put away after drying. When the tent is opened next time, there is a musty and damp smell in the tent. If there is excess cat litter at home, such as tofu cat litter, the next time you use the tent, put a small bag of cat litter in a small cloth bag and put it with the tent so that the tent can be free from musty and damp smell.

Deodorize the cabinet

In the wet season, especially in the rainy weather, it is easy for the cabinet to become wet, which will produce a bad smell over time. You can use some small cloth bags to hold some excess cat litter and throw it in the cabinet so that the smell in the cabinet will be absorbed. You can prepare several small cloth bags, and throw a few small cloth bags containing cat litter on each floor of the cabinet, which can better absorb the smell in the cabinet.

Remove sneaker odor

Sometimes the sneakers you wear will always smell bad when you take them off. Some people just a little smell, and some people will sweat a lot on their feet, and the smell will be particularly strong. If there is no other odor-removing thing at home, it is also possible to use tofu cat litter to remove the odor. Use an old sock or cloth bag to pack the cat litter and tuck it into the shoe shaft. After a night, and then open it again, you will find that the smell of the sneakers is gone, and you can smell the scent of tofu cat litter instead. Remember to tie the cloth bag in with a rope, so as not to let the cat litter leak out, if it leaks out, it will be difficult to clean up.

With the development of life, people's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. The garbage generated by pets will be much more than that of households without pets, so cat owners need to pay more attention to garbage classification, and adopt different treatment methods for different types of cat litter. This is more conducive to daily hygiene!

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