Why Cats Need To Sleep So Long A Day?


Many people like cats very much, and in recent years, more and more people have cats. It is no longer just because the cat can catch mice, but more importantly, the cat's irresistible high value and innate character. The cat is like an ice beauty, but people can't help but want to get close. In addition to their cute appearance, cats always give people a very lazy feeling, and they always sleep every day. Have cat owners noticed that cats seem to be sleeping all day long? Many people are curious about why cats love to sleep so much as if they are sleeping in addition to eating.

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What is the normal sleep time for cats?

Cats are always sleeping. It can be said that it is their nature. Their need for sleep time is relatively long. They sleep two-thirds of the day. Studies have shown that cats can sleep for up to 15 hours a day. At the same time, the sleep time of cats will be affected by age, that is, cats of different ages have different requirements for sleep time. Kittens generally sleep the most, because they need sleep for growth. Adult cats sleep less than kittens because they spend some time playing. Older cats need more time to sleep because their bodily functions are not as active as they were when they were young. For a young cat and an older cat, sleep time is as long as 18-20 hours per day. For an adult cat, sleep time is about 12-14 hours a day.

In addition, the sleep time of cats is also related to temperature. Generally, cats sleep the shortest time in summer and sleep longer in winter. This is because cats often have to sleep to ensure their body temperature after entering winter. Cats are very afraid of the cold. Once the cat feels that the temperature is getting lower and lower, it will be time for the cat to sleep. If the cat doesn't get enough sleep and is always naughty, the cat's body will lack enough calories.

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Why do cats need so much sleep?

Even though cats look gentle and cute on the outside, they are natural hunters. The ancestors of cats lived in the wild, and they should always pay attention to enemy attacks while hunting. Cats have inherited "ancestral" instincts, and although they live in a comfortable environment, they will still guard against danger. In order to protect themselves, they dare not go into a deep sleep, and can only maintain a state of light sleep that wakes up when there is movement. When a cat sleeps, it is in a light sleep state at first, and then a deep sleep state. Light sleep is often more than twice that of deep sleep. For example, a cat goes into a light sleep for 30 minutes, followed by a deep sleep for 15 minutes, and then goes into a light sleep for at least 30 minutes. This instinctive sleep mode of cats indirectly prolongs their sleep time.

In addition, nowadays cats basically live indoors and do not need to hunt by themselves, and their owners provide them with food every day. The cat has nothing to do except play with the toys prepared by the owner. But always playing will be tiring, so in addition to eating and playing, there is only sleep, otherwise how to spend a boring day. In fact, it is not only us humans who feel bored, cats also feel bored and lonely, so the pet owner can play with the cat when it has nothing to do, and the cat will be very happy.

Also, cats belong to the feline family. They are usually active at night, so they are recharged during the day. Only when you get enough sleep during the day can you have enough energy to hunt for food at night. And we are basically active during the day, so the cats we see are basically sleeping. This also gives us the illusion that the cat is sleeping all the time.

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Lethargic cats need us to pay attention to

Exclude kittens and elderly cats, because cats in these two states are normal even if their sleep time increases. As long as they can ensure daily drinking and eating, their bodies are normal. For adult cats, if the sleep time of a day suddenly exceeds 2 hours than usual, it means that the cat's physical state has changed.

Generally speaking, there are certain problems with the cat's body that often cause the cat to sleep more. For cats, trauma will not cause them to be lethargic, but problems in the body can easily cause cats to be lethargic. There are differences between cats sleeping for a long time and sleepiness due to illness: cats are usually very sleepy, but they will occasionally wake up to eat something, play with toys, and move their muscles and bones. If the cat is always lethargic, it is likely to be a disease caused. Usually, anemia, poisoning, dehydration, arthritis, heat stroke, heart, kidney, and other diseases, as well as depression, can cause abnormal sleepiness in cats. At this time, it is necessary to take cats for diagnosis and treatment in time.

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