Besides Cat Litter, What Cat Supplies Need to Be Replaced In Time?


Cat owners all know that the cost of raising cats is very high. The cost of cat food and snacks is usually a lot of money. Therefore, many cat owners will save some on other cat supplies that can be used for a long time. However, some costs cannot be saved, otherwise, it may cause harm to the cat's health. It not only can not save money but also causes unnecessary pain to the cat. In the previous article, we talked about the necessity and importance of replacing cat litter frequently. I believe that many cat owners already have a certain understanding of this. In addition to cat litter, the following cat supplies, no matter how frugal you are, should be replaced in time for cats.


Although it will not cost a lot of money to replace the water for cats, many cat owners give up replacing the water for their cats because they are afraid of trouble or lack of understanding of the importance of water replacement. This is not right! Because cats don't like drinking water very much, and cats don't drink much water every day, this will cause the water in the cat's water bowl to stay for many days. If the water is exposed to the air for a long time, the microorganisms and bacteria in it will become particularly much, and the dust in the environment will also fall into the water. At this time, the cat will easily have diarrhea after drinking it. In addition to this, water that stays for several days can also have a change in taste. This will make cats who don't like drinking water refuse to drink water, and a prolonged water shortage will bring serious danger to the cat's health. Therefore, everyone must replace the drinking water for cats frequently, and not accidentally make cats sick because of thrift. If you feel that water is wasted, you can buy a shallower water bowl, put less water at a time, and then replace the water regularly for the cat regardless of whether the water has been drunk up.

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Cat food

Cat food is the main food and source of nutrition for cats. The replacement of cat food here has two meanings: one is to replace the old cat food in the cat bowl, and the other is to regularly change the type of cat food. We all know that cats do not eat a lot, which can easily lead to that cat food being left. In order to save cat food, many cat owners will leave old cat food for the cat's next meal. Like cats' drinking water, cat food is exposed to the air for too long, it will deteriorate, producing bacteria, mix with dust in the air, etc. It is not good for cats. At this time, you need to throw away the old cat food and replace it with new cat food. In addition, do not feed the cat too much at a time, and try to reduce the amount of cat food left over. Also, don’t always eat one brand of cat food. First, cats will get tired of eating one kind of cat food. Second, different brands of cat food can provide richer and more comprehensive nutrition. It is best to change cat food every six months or a year, or you can choose two or three reliable cat food that cats like to eat back and forth. This will ensure the best possible nutritional balance for your cat.

Cat toy

If you want to get along well with cats, cat toys are very important. Only when you often play with cats with cat toys will cats get close to you. The way cats play with cat toys is scratching and biting, so cat toys are easily damaged. Damaged cat toys need to be replaced in time. In addition, cat toys roll around on the ground every day, and it is inevitable that there are bacteria. And the cat's scratching and biting just allows the bacteria to enter its mouth. And cat toys, no matter what material the main body is made of, more or less will bring some furry accessories, and it is more troublesome to thoroughly disinfect and clean. So the easiest thing to do is to buy the cheap ones and replace them with new ones more often. This can also keep cat toys attractive to cats. Otherwise, when cats have no interest in toys, cats will look for new toys, and the target is likely to be some furniture in the home.

Many people must have said that there is no need to replace the funny cat stick at all. But in fact, it is not the case. Play with the cat every day, and the cat's saliva will directly stick to it. It is easy to infect bacteria and viruses, and then the cat continues to play, and it is easy to be infected. Especially when you have more than one cat, playing with the same litter stick can easily cause cross-infection. As the cat's favorite toy, the scratching board is also more easily damaged and needs to be replaced more frequently.

Cat toothbrush

While cats spend a lot of time everyday cleaning and grooming themselves, they cannot clean their teeth. Although many cat owners pay attention to their cat's oral care and use a cat toothbrush to brush their cat's teeth, few cat owners replace their cat toothbrushes in time. The toothbrush will breed a lot of bacteria over time. Using such a toothbrush to brush your cat's teeth is likely to be counterproductive, not only failing to achieve the purpose of cleaning, but also polluting the cat's mouth. If the cat's mouth is damaged during the brushing process, it is easy to cause an infection.

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Cat traction rope 

The traction rope is used every time when taking the cat out, and the frequency of use is very high. At the same time, the cat often scratches and bites the traction rope. Prolonged wear and cat scratching can easily cause damage to the traction rope. Therefore, the cat owner must replace the traction rope in time, because the cat does not recognize its home. If the traction rope is broken when taking it out to play, it will be difficult for the cat to escape and return to you. Dear cat owners, you don't want the cat you have raised for so long to get lost, right? Therefore, be sure to replace the traction rope in time.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, including cat bowls, grooming tools, sleeping pads, towels, etc., we have to clean, disinfect, and even replace them frequently. Although this will increase the cost, it can better protect the health of the cat, which is very worthwhile.

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