If You Have Not Noticed These Problems When Using Cat Litter...


Owning a cat can bring a lot of joy to your life, but it can also bring a lot of trouble. In addition to feeding the cat, you should also pay attention to cleaning the cat litter. Cat owners will certainly not be unfamiliar with cat litter. Cat litter is a tool that almost all cat owners will prepare. Do cat owners think that cat litter is just a place for cats to defecate, it doesn't matter which you buy? But not only the quality of cat litter will seriously affect the cat's health, but there are still quite a few problems in the use of cat litter that need us to pay attention to.

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1. Clean up cat litter every day

Cats need cat litter every day, so that requires us to clean up the cat litter in time every day, shovel out the used cat litter in time and throw it into the trash can or flush it into the toilet. Otherwise, over time, the cat's excrement will accumulate in the cat litter. It will make the cat litter very dirty, and will also breed a lot of bacteria, which will affect the cat's health. Also, if the used cat litter is not cleaned up in time, it will emit a bad smell. Cats are very love-clean, and if there is a lot of used cat litter in the litter box, it is likely to defecate in the corner of the room rather than in the cat litter box. This is very unsanitary and makes cleanup considerably more difficult. The frequency of cleaning the cat litter box should be at least once a day.

2. Replace cat litter regularly

Cleaning cat litter is more than just scooping out the used cat litter daily and throwing it away. Because even if you clean up the used cat litter every day, you will still miss some in the cat litter box. Over time, with the accumulation of the amount, the smell of cat litter will become heavier and heavier. Therefore, in addition to shoveling shit every day, it is also very important to replace cat litter regularly. If the cat litter is not replaced in time, the cat litter that has absorbed urine will produce a peculiar smell and attract mosquitoes, which is very unsanitary. Generally speaking, cat litter should be changed every two weeks or once a month. Pour out the cat litter, then clean the cat litter box with soap and warm water. Remember not to use amino-based cleaners as they can make the smell worse. After the cat litter box is dry, pour the new cat litter into the cat litter box, the thickness is 5-8 cm thick.

3. Change the cat litter that the cat does not like

Although cat litter is only a tool used by cats to defecate, it is also an item that has close contact with cats. It is also very important whether cats like it or not. If your cat suddenly changes its bowel habits and starts not to defecate in the cat litter box, it urinates in various places in the house. Or the cat enters the cat litter box frequently, and digs the cat litter but does not defecate. This shows that the cat is not satisfied with the litter being used. At this time, we should change the type or brand of cat litter in time. Otherwise, cats often hold their urine for a long time because they don't like cat litter, which can easily lead to health problems for cats.

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4. Put the cat litter box in a ventilated place

Many cat owners choose to put the cat litter box in a relatively small space that is secluded and dark. It is desirable to make the room look cleaner, but in fact, this is very bad for the odor to dissipate and will make the odor appear heavier. We don't like the smell, and neither will the same cats. Cats will go to the cat litter box less often or go elsewhere. If the cat litter box is placed in a ventilated place, the odor is easier to disperse and the surrounding air can be easily replaced. In addition, plenty of sunlight and space will make cats more comfortable and reduce their fear of going to the toilet.

5. Keep an eye out for used cat litter

Cat litter is not only a tool for cats to go to the toilet, it can also be a helper for us to observe the health of cats. We'd better develop the habit of cleaning cat litter regularly so that we can know the change of cat's excretion amount every time we clean the cat litter. If you notice a significant increase or decrease in your cat's urination or defecation, or if you notice blood or foreign objects, it's probably a sign of a cat's health problem. We'd better ask a veterinarian to help confirm the cat's health. This can help us to detect the cat's health problems in time.

Although it is said that cat litter is only what cats use to bury poop, its use is also a problem that cat owners need to pay attention to. Usually, not only should clean the cat litter in time, but also replace the cat litter regularly. When buying cat litter, the quality of the cat litter also cannot be ignored.

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