Will Your Cat Crazy Running at Home?


Friends, who keep cats, have you ever encountered such a situation that the cat suddenly runs around the house like crazy? Maybe you have encountered this situation, but do you understand it? Is this behavior normal for cats? Do we need to stop this cat behavior? Let's learn about it.

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Is this behavior normal for cats?

Generally speaking, this is a normal physiological activity of cats. Cats release themselves by crazy running out of their own physical or psychological needs. For these crazy running behaviors of cats, there is a word in zoology that defines it as "FRAPs": Frenetic random activity periods, refer to the crazy activities of animals in a short period of time. In German, the Germans call it: "Wilden fünf Minuten" (wild five minutes). In Russian, this phenomenon that happens to cats is called "тыгыдык", which is actually a cat running wild. So in fact, many animals have this situation, and cats just interpret it better.

Why do cats crazy run?

1. Energetic

Different cats have different personalities. Some cats are lively, active, energetic, and need a lot of exercise. Moreover, they are locked at home. In addition to eating and sleeping, some cats need a chance to release the stress after accumulating it for a long time, which often manifests as a sudden frantic run. Cats will run around the house, and when they are tired, they will lie on the ground and rest contentedly.

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2. Happy performance

Sometimes cats suddenly crazy run at home, which is actually a happy expression. It may be that the owner gave it something to eat, caught a mouse, etc. This is one of the ways cats celebrate, like a football player running on a sports field after scoring a goal.

3. The cat is hunting

Cats are very good hunters. They not only catch mice, birds, etc., but when they see small flying insects, they can't hold back their excitement and want to catch them, so cats suddenly run around at home. They may be catching small flying insects that we humans can't see.

4. Attract the owner's attention

Sometimes cats are too bored. In order to attract the owner's attention, they will crazy run at home, hoping that the owner can take care of themselves. The owner should think about whether he has not interacted with the cat for too long. The cat also needs to be accompanied, otherwise, the stress will cause emotional problems. When playing with the cat, you can use some snacks or toys as an aid, and the cat will be happier.

5. Estrus

When the cat is in heat, suddenly running around the house is one of the manifestations. When a cat is in heat, the body and mind will be quite uncomfortable, and this explosive movement can relieve its physical discomfort and release its own desires. When cats are in heat, the owner must take more care of the cats, their resistance will become weaker, and their appetite will also decrease. At this time, pet owners must pay attention to supplementing them with nutrients. It is recommended to choose nutritionally balanced cat food as the staple food, which can ensure the cat's health.

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Do we need to stop it?

Generally, this behavior is normal for cats, we don't need to stop it. Especially because the cat is energetic or in estrus, our stop is even harmful to the cat. But sometimes we also have to pay attention to it. If the cat is in an uncontrollable state during the run, and even if the owner calls it, it does not respond, it may be a nervous system problem. In this situation, it is necessary to go to the veterinary hospital to see if there is any problem.

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