If You Have A Cat, You Must Not Do…


Cats are very cute animals, many people like them at first sight, and then become cat owners. However, in order to be a qualified cat owner, there are many issues to consider. In daily life, you must always consider the health of your cat, and you need to spend a lot of time, energy, and money. Although more and more people are raising cats now, it is believed that many people have some bad habits after raising cats, and some habits will have a direct impact on the health of cats. As a cat owner, I hope you can avoid the following behaviors as much as possible.

Ignore costs and personal circumstances

The cuteness of cats is irresistible to most of us. Many people may raise them on impulse, but this impulse is precisely the number one misunderstanding of raising cats. Raising a cat is a long-term thing that requires energy and money. I have seen too many examples of raising cats on a whim, but finally abandoning them for various reasons. Cats are carnivores, even if it only counts the most basic expenses, high-quality cat food + cat litter + regular vaccines and deworming + daily necessities + occasional snacks + toys, it is a significant monthly expense. Especially for many people who are raising cats for the first time, it is easy to buy sick cats because of their cheapness. Huge medical expenses plus a lot of time and energy can easily lead to abandonment. Normal domestic cats have a lifespan of more than 10 years, while the average lifespan of stray cats is only 3 years. It can be said that abandoning cats is equivalent to a death sentence for cats, especially for those pet cats. There are also some people whose personal conditions are not suitable for raising cats, such as family members and their opposition. In this case, insisting on raising cats is easy to create conflicts and injury. These are very irresponsible behaviors that can easily cause harm to cats. Before we decide to adopt cats, we must fully consider the cost of raising cats and personal circumstances. Once we decide to adopt cats, we must be responsible to the end. Don't raise a cat just because of a whim and then abandon it after finding the problem. This is tantamount to making a joke about the cat's life.

Choose overly economical cat food

Cats are carnivores and have strict requirements for nutrients, such as water, animal protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, etc. If the cat's nutritional intake is insufficient or unbalanced, such as low animal protein, taurine deficiency, or calcium-to-phosphorus ratio imbalance, it will easily lead to cat sickness or even death in the long run. Too economical cat food generally does not have rich and comprehensive nutrition, so qualified cat food is essential for cats. For cat food, one looks at the raw materials and the other at the ratio, both of which are directly reflected in the price of cat food. High-priced cat food is not necessarily good, but low-priced cat food is definitely not good. For the overly economical cat food, the cost of meat scraps is not enough, how can it be good cat food?

tofu cat litter

Use poor quality cat litter

This is very important and easily overlooked. Poor quality cat litter not only hurts cats but also hurts people. Friends who raise cats may be familiar with bentonite cat litter. The raw materials and process of bentonite cat litter are simple and mature, the profit is very low, and there is not much room for operation. So black-hearted manufacturers turned their attention to another profitable cat litter that can cut corners - tofu cat litter. High-quality tofu cat litter is made of food-grade raw materials such as pea fiber, corn starch, and guar gum. The cat litter using this raw material has strong water absorption and strong fast clumping. However, with the increasing demand for cat litter, the rising cost of raw materials, and the pursuit of profits, some black-hearted manufacturers have thought of some ways to reduce costs, that is, use a large amount of wood powder, gypsum powder, etc. as raw materials, and then it is bonded with strong industrial glue to make so-called tofu cat litter. This can indeed effectively reduce costs, and even reduce the cost of raw materials by more than half, but there are various problems that follow. First of all, it seriously affects the effect of cat litter. 90% of the effect of cat litter depends on the raw materials and 10% on the craftsmanship. The use of these raw materials will lead to a significant decrease in water absorption, clumping, and deodorization capabilities, or even no clumping at all. Cats use cat litter every day, and they will often lick their paws or even eat cat litter by mistake, which is harmful to the cat's health. Such cat litter is placed at home, a lot of dust, and even the continuous release of formaldehyde, not only harms the health of cats but also poses a great threat to human health.

Unreliable "smart" devices

In recent years, "pet smart devices" have become extremely popular. Cat bowls, cat bags, cat toilets, cat toys, etc., as long as the word "smart" is associated with it, the price is also rising. Merchants have gained profits, and some cat owners have also tasted freshness and some spiritual satisfaction, but are these high-priced smart devices really good for cats? It is true that some of these products, such as cat water dispensers, can actually increase the amount of water that cats drink. As long as they are cleaned regularly, they are very beneficial to cats. But there are many "smart" products only gimmicks and even have serious design flaws. There are endless incidents of cats stuck in automatic cat litter boxes, cats starved by automatic feeding machines, and cats suffocated in smart cat litter boxes. Do pet smart devices really bring cats a better life? Or is it just to satisfy the curiosity and sense of superiority of some cat owners?

bentonite cat litter

Other behavior

In addition to the behaviors mentioned above, there are some issues that need our special attention. Many cat owners follow the short video platform's behavior, such as the popular cat paw sticky tape, cheese sticking to the face, makeup, bells, headgear, etc. Nervous cats can feel uncomfortable, panic, and timid cats can even lead to stress reactions that can be life-threatening. Although raising a cat is largely for fun, don’t betray the cat‘s trust in you. Occasional pranks are acceptable, but you must pay attention to the degree and frequency. In addition, whether it is a low-rise or high-rise, if you can't guarantee that the windows are always closed and the screens are particularly strong, please keep the cats closed! This can effectively prevent the cat from being injured or lost due to naughty curiosity. If the cat drops from the window and hits a person, the loss is not only a cat.

Buy a cat is very simple and does not require very complicated procedures, but how to adopt it is a topic that every cat owner should study. Some behaviors that we think are cat-friendly may actually be harmful to cats:

Such as feeding a lot. Cats are very greedy animals, but they are not suitable for eating too much food. It is good to feed cats two meals a day, and each meal is 70% full, so as not to harm them. If you feed it a lot for a long time, will easily cause discomfort and diarrhea!

Such as shaving cats. Cats don't like to be shaved, and some cats will suffer from depression because of being shaved. So owners should better brush their cats more!

Such as too frequent bathing. Cats themselves are very clean animals. They do not need to take too frequent baths. Too frequent bathing will cause the cat's skin to lose its protection, and it will be easy to suffer from skin diseases!

Such as dressing cats. Many pet owners often dress cats in clothes, thinking that this will keep the cat warm and cuter. In fact, such behavior is hurting them. Clothes for cats for a long time will damage their body temperature regulation function, and can also make cats feel restrained and unable to move normally. In addition, it will make cats feel anxious because they can't lick their fur normally. It is recommended to add a blanket to the cat's nest to keep the cat warm, and the time to wear clothes should not be too long.


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